Martial arts insurance for your martial arts studio
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We use a wide range of the best rated insurance carriers. Our unique program allows us to specifically match coverage for your martial arts location. We focus on cutting expensive insurance package costs without sacrificing the coverage you need for your business. if you would like to go through the quoting process by phone or email we can certainly help you. We would also be glad to set up a meeting with you and tour your martial arts studio any time.

On average, our clients typically will save 15 - 20% on their martial arts studio insurance premiums annually.

We focus exclusively on insurance policies for large and small martial arts studios and dojos.

More about what we do

We work hard to make the process of buying insurance for your martial arts facility as simple as possible while providing the highest quality coverage and value. We shop multiple A+rated companies that allow us to find the best price without sacrificing coverage. We take pride in providing personal, 1 on 1 customer service and we work tirelessly to establish customers for life.

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